Farm Chores

Farm Chores
Farm Chores, my favorite needle punch

I have recipes in these seven Gooseberry Patch cookbooks

I have recipes in these seven Gooseberry Patch cookbooks
I have recipes in these seven "Gooseberry Patch" cookbooks

My Hoosier Cabinet

My Hoosier Cabinet
I love decorating my hoosier for the different seasons.

My Grandchildren

My Grandchildren
Cole, Riley, Ruby and Jake

Sunday, June 21, 2015

One proud Grandma

I just had to share something with you about my Granddaughter. She has such a kind heart,
I did know that she had been saving her money for a long time. She sold crafts made with duck tape and
clay, she has also had a yard sale and has really been saving her money. Well she had a goal of $100,
she met her goal and her momma took her shopping. Not for herself to but buy things for the local SPCA shelter. My daughter said the SPCA was so thankful for the donation from Riley.
I am just so proud of her, most people would have used that money to buy them self something.
What a wonderful act of kindness and one proud grandma.
You are such a special young lady "Miss Riley".

Monday, June 15, 2015

Graduation Celebration

This past weekend we went to WV to celebrate my daughters graduation from James Madison University. I am so proud of her, it has been a long journey going to school and raising a family.
She still has a year and a half to go, she is starting school at Mary Baldwin to finish her social work degree, so she is almost there. I can never thank the Lord enough for how he has touched her life.
She has overcome her eating disorder, she has an insulin pump, (you probably can't see it, but it is in her pocket and looks like a pager). She loves it and it controls her blood sugars so much better, and she is feeling well and happy! I am just so thankful! When she feels well she is just so bubbly and full of life.
 I invited my family and we had a big family cookout. We had such a wonderful time, the only thing,
my battery died in my camera, so I didn't get all the photo's that I wanted to. But I will share the ones I did get.
I love the conveniences of living in Va. being close to everything and my grandbabies.
But when I go to WV it is like another world, so laid back and peaceful.
 We are praying about what to do with that property. It is really hard taking care of both places,
plus the expense. I have a brainstorm of creating a website and renting it out for weekends and weeks of vacations. I really think people from DC and the city would just love it there, so peaceful and remote.
That way it would help pay for it, and also we could still enjoy it. Not sure what all I would
have to do to make this happen.
 I also want to show an Americana cross stitch that I recently finished. The pattern is by Joyce Reed,
she has several with the mammy and children. I just love mammies too.

Surprise Stephanie and Mat

Family, I am so blessed.

My parents and most of their clan.

We are putting the cards for Steph in an old picnic basket

Old building

Beautiful view of the mountains

The other side of the farmhouse

Little Bo

Another view

Just love these old buildings

Ronnie, Bo and me
Americana cross stitch

Jar with candle burning inside



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