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Farm Chores

I have recipes in these seven Gooseberry Patch cookbooks

I have recipes in these seven Gooseberry Patch cookbooks
I have recipes in these seven "Gooseberry Patch" cookbooks

My Hoosier Cabinet

My Hoosier Cabinet
I love decorating my hoosier for the different seasons.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eating Disorder Awareness

Eating disorders can effect men, women and children. It can be anorexia, bulimia of diabulimia.

The person can be very thin, or not thin, it is an illness that most people would never know

exists by looking at the person. My daughter is diabetic and struggles with diabulemia.

 It tears my heart apart as a mom to see her struggle like she does. I am so proud of her

taking steps to beat this disease and I feel with the right help and lots of prayers that she will.

I want to share her story with you.  My daughter is beautiful inside and on the outside too.

She is the best mother that I have ever seen. She adores her family.

Click the link below to see her story.

Stephanies Story:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update on mom and what I have been working on.

I want to thank everyone for their concern and prayers for my mom. She had an appoint.

tues. at UVA, where they did xrays and took out her stitches and staples from her arm and leg.

They both look great, now we are just waiting for the healing process. She will probably be in the

skilled nursing facility for at least 12 weeks. She isn't able to put any weight on her leg for eight weeks

and then will have to learn to walk with a walker, which will be hard until her arm heals.

But she couldn't even raise her arm before surgery and now she can lift it and even touch her nose.

 We had a scare yesterday, they thought she was developing a blood clot in her leg, they did an

ultrasound and it was negative. So I am so thankful for that!!! And it is so wonderful to see her being

able to raise her arm and touch her nose. Things many of us take for granted.

  Please continue to keep my parents in your prayers, this is hard on both of them.

I haven't had much time for crafting , my little Granddaughter Riley gave me some motivation.

She is turning 8 next week and loves American Girl dolls. She told me that her dolls needed some clothes.

Well she has the "Our Generation" dolls that are sold at target, but to her they are American Girl dolls.

  My husband and I bought her a new doll and I decided to try my hand at making her some doll clothes.

I am used to making primitive crafts,  where if you mess up or have it a little to grungy it looks better.

Making clothes with patterns was a whole new ballgame, the hardest part was figuring out the patterns.

I will share the clothes that I made for Miss Riley, sure hope her and those dolls like them.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Penny Rugs

I have just recently started making some penny rugs. I actually learned to do the blanket stitch by

watching a video on You Tube. I love Karen "KM Primitives"   patterns. I recently finished

two penny rugs and wanted to share the pictures. I am already thinking Spring and have

been thinking of  bunnies, I have some patterns cut out to make them, I will share photo's

when I am finished.

I have also been thinking of joining one of the selling groups that sell monthly. I don't know

which one to choose and if I would even be accepted. But being busy with my jobs and

helping out with mom, I don't have time for lots of crafting. But if I were to be in a group

I feel like I could come up with at least two things a month and that way I would be able

to have my work exposed more to the public. If any of you awesome crafters have any pointers

or suggestions to help me, they would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Ronnie

   I have been so busy that I almost forgot my husbands birthday! And missing a couple weeks work,

I don't even have the money to buy him a nice gift.  But he does love fresh apple cakes, so

I got up early this morning before starting work and made him a cake. And he doesn't worry about

gifts like I do. he he He will be happy with his cake.

 We grew up together you might say, from those crazy kids just starting out and having a baby

when he was in the army and 22 months later another baby. We have had our ups and downs,

not all honey and pie, but we have been there for each other through it all.

Now we are grandparents, can't believe it, and he still doen't have any grey hair, I have enough for us both.

 He has been my rock and such a hardworking man. Getting older doesn't bother him a bit,

he always says, that he is glad that he has made it this far.  he he He has such a great sence of humor.

And my kids and grandchildren adore him! Glad you are my soulmate, love you, wishing you many

more Happy Birthdays!!!!!! At 55 now you can get the senior citizen discount when we go out to eat. he he

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pattern Giveaway!!

Dee Duncan "Vintage Country Style Blogspot"   is having a wonderful pattern giveaway.

Dee is one talented prim artist!!! She is a designer of many prim patterns, rush over and

check out her blog!!! Her talent is amazing!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On the road to Recovery!

The last week has been an emotional roller coaster. Remember my mother fell and broke her arm in 5 places

bringing in flowers last April on Good Friday. The Dr. gave her hope that her arm would heal without

surgery. It never did. I don't know how she lived with it as long as she did. Only able to use her hand

to her elbow. She finally decided to have surgery on Jan. 7th. It required a bone graft from above

her knee, a plate and screws. She did well with surgery, now the waiting to see if it heals, this process will

take 2-3 months.

 She was sent home on Wed. which I feel was too soon, she was so weak. She stood up and her leg

just collapsed. She was taken by ambulance to the University of Virginia hospital again, where we found out

that her femur was broken. So on friday she had surgery with a rod placed in her leg from her knee

to her hip and screws. She is to put no weight on her leg for 8 weeks.

She was released from the hospital yesterday and taken to a skilled nursing facility where she

will also receive therapy.

It is funny how we went into the hospital all worried about her arm and now it is her leg.

Her arm isn't swollen or bruised, she said it hardly hurts. We are all exhausted, I had

went to UVA everyday and spent a few nights. Now I have to prepare myself to get back into

my routine and get back to work. I know mom is on the road to recovery and hope she will be able

to work in her flower beds this year, ( though now I know she will be afraid). Continue to keep my

mom in your prayers, and my father also, he says how lonely it is going home to an empty house.

It is so cute seeing him taking care of mom, he is like a little mother hen. I love my family and my

country roots, my parents never had alot of money, but they sure had alot of love to give! They taught

me the important things in life, family, honesty, hard work, giving to others, to have a relationship

with the Lord, just so much to make me the person I am today.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I want to wish all of my blogger friends a happy and blessed New Year. I am so fortunate to

have met so many wonderful friends through blogging and cherish each and every friendship.

I love Christmas and am usually on vacation until after the holidays, so I try to have most of my

Christmas decor taken down and put away so that I can be ready to get back to work and

in the swing of things .But it is always a little depressing and sad to put it all

away. Next Monday my mom is finally having surgery on her arm, can you

believe that her arm has just been hanging for 9 months. I knew it wouldn't heal on it's own,

how can something heal if the bone isn't even touching together. Well it will be a big surgery

with bone grafts, plates and screws. Please keep her in your prayers for a complete recovery

and successful surgery.

 I put most of my decor away but do leave out a few snowmen and I just didn't have the heart

to put away some of my Christmas pin keeps, I have enjoyed them so much.

My daughter got me a gift cert. from a local primitive store, I got some woolfelt and a yard

of reproduction fabic with my cert. I love to wash the woolfelt and dry it in a dryer, I love the

nubby feel of the wool. I need to have some projects while I am setting at the hospital with mom.

I am going to make some new penny rugs. And  the yard of fabric, even on sale it was $8.00,

so I am thinking of maybe making another primitive prairie doll  and use the fabric for her dress.

It has to be something very special. I am still thinking. he he

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!

I love decorating my hoosier for the different seasons, I got this snowgirl from
Sandra, "Country at Heart", I just love her, she was a special request order.
She made her just the way I was wanting!
The hanging sheep ornie I just love was made by Karen of "My Colonial Home" I was lucky enough
to win one of Karens giveaways, along with a Pumpkin Jack penny rug candle mat.
The basket on top of my hoosier was made by Ann "Ohio Farm Baskets" 
I love Ann's baskets, her and I had done a swap, and I made the Santa and Snowmen inside the basket.

Candle called "Christmas Eve", is awesome made byBrandy "The Little Prim Cabin"

Sleigh sampler and pin keep made by
Brenda of "Pine Tree Prims"

Merry Christmas pin keep made by
Jean "Prim Crafts" and Noel pinkeep , a swap gift from
Amy "Bumble Bee Lane'

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Riley's Birthday Party
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Daughter Steph, Mat, Riley and Cole
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Celebrating parents 50th. Wedding anniversary
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Son with Applachian trail blanket
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