Farm Chores

Farm Chores

I have recipes in these seven Gooseberry Patch cookbooks

I have recipes in these seven Gooseberry Patch cookbooks
I have recipes in these seven "Gooseberry Patch" cookbooks

My Hoosier Cabinet

My Hoosier Cabinet
I love decorating my hoosier for the different seasons.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


  I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post my giveaway. I have been so busy and haven't had time

for blogging, like I wish I did. But I want to have a giveaway to celebrate you. Wow, 250 followers.

I can remember getting so excited having one follower. I just started blogging for the prim friendships,

and wow, have I ever made some awesome friends. You have been there for me through the good

times as well as the sad times, like loosing my doggy, Lilly.

   I have been pondering on what to giveaway, due to the huge cost of shipping, I usually only have

the giveaways open to US citizens. But I do have some followers from Canada also and appreciate them.

So this giveaway will be for US and Canada residents. You need to be a follower of my blog,

new followers are welcome. I would like you to leave a post on this blog only and for a second chance

you can post my giveaway to your sidebar. But please let me know if you do that. And if

you don't have a blog, give me an email address so that I can get a hold of you. I will be picking the winner,

Monday Oct. 3rd.

  The giveaway will be for one of my long bonnets, it is a cream color with tiny leaves throughout.

And a mini garden flag, it has pumpkins, gords, crows, berries and a basket. It has beautiful vibrant

fall colors, both will be perfect for your fall decor.

 This is a little way for me to let my blogger friends know how much I appreciate your friendship.

I love you all!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My first attempt at making a scarecrow and a surprise in the mail

The first of the year I bought 10 patterns from Tennessee Ridge Primitives, they have just been laying around.

I just thought I would never be able to make them. Well this is my first ever scarecrow and I am

pretty darn proud of how he turned out. He He

I also see that I now have 250 followers, it is time for me to think of what to have for a giveaway.

I will be having a 250 follower giveaway in a few days, so check back.

  I also received a cute surprise in the mail today, that sweet Cyndy, "Crafty Stitchers"   sent

me the cutest snowman ornament. I love snowmen and this ornament is soooo cute. Cyndy

is such an awesome crafter, check out her blog and a wonderful prim friend. Thanks Cyndy!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New goodies

Set of pumpkins I made for a friend and my first attempt at grunging cans.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Selling Blog

Carol from "Firecracker Kid". has opened a new selling blog. Carol and her husband make the

most awesome woodcrafts. I am lucky enough to own a few of her awesome goodies. I love Carol's

creations!!! Please go check out her selling blog "Firecracker Kid's Selling Blog", if you own

one of Carol's creations you will be hooked and want more!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Check out my new selling blog!

I am in the process of trying to make a selling blog, I have to go to work, so I just put this together

really fast. I want to add paypal buttons and add a few extra things but this is what I have done for now.

And I want to give the designers of the patterns I used credit also.

Please stop by and take a look and tell me what I could do to improve it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where should I sell my goodies???

I have been making some more items, but  only need so many for myself. I am not having any luck with

ebay or etsy. I have been really thinking of joining , or trying to join, one of the sites where you list items

on the 1st. or the 15th. of each month. I don't know if I would even be accepted,

 Or maybe I should just make things and try to be in a local craft show next

year.I am very pleased with all that I have made and can't believe that I actually did it, the only problem

I am having is schulpting the noses on some of the items. The patterns just say to do it and really don't

go into details, I have looked for tutorials but can't find any.

 Any info. will be appreciated. And now for the things I have made. Be honest ,what do you think.

A Pineberry Lane Pattern. Love her patterns.

My very first Make do, a Pineberry Lane Pattern

Pumpkin Jill, A Bittersweetfolk art pattern, love her patterns.

My primitive Saltbox pattern, love her patterns too.

My primitive saltbox, and of course I have to add my own touch and change things a little.

A Blue Moon Beginning pattern.

I just love the colors of fall, even the crafts.

Monday, September 12, 2011

As I remembered 911

Yesterday my heart was so saddened as I remembered the 10 year anniversary of 9 11.

I remember I was working in my hair salon and my sister called and told me about it, I turned on the TV

and watched in horror and couldn't believe this was happening to our wonderful country.

 I have been to NYC . As a matter of fact that is where I took my senior trip.

 I went to the same school 1st. grade through 12th. and there were only 28

kids in my graduating class. As you can tell I grew up in a really rural community and have told

different people before that if it weren't for TV, my sisters and I wouldn't have known much about

the real world. He He But I love my country roots and that has made me the person I am today.

  well to get back to my story, at my school when you were in the 7th. grade you started raising money

for your senior trip, We would have all sorts of fund raisers and by the time we were seniors we

had pretty much enough money to pay for the whole senior trip. Well our senior trip was to NYC,

and you talk about a culture shock. I had never in my life saw such tall buildings, plus many other

things, I won't even mention.  Well I went to a real Yankee's baseball game, I saw a NY play,

went to Macy's and saw the Statue of Liberty and all sorts of site seeing. And I did go up in

the world trade center, twin towers. I was looking at my high school memory book the other day,

trying to get things ready for a class reunion and what did I come across, but a picture I had taken

of the twin towers, some postcards and a brochure. 

 It did sadden my heart yesterday as I watched many of the TV specials on 911, as to why no

prayer or the NYC firefighters weren't allowed.

  I love this great country and never want to forget what this great country of America was founded on.

And may we never forget those who lost their lives in 911 and all the wonderful firefighters and

those who sacrificed for others that day! God Bless the USA.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful Fall Arrangement

What a wonderful surprise from a wonderful friend Sheila "Seasons of thy Heart" .

Sheila sent me one of her awesome arrangements and a pumpkin make do.  She knew I had

been having some rough spots in the road and just sent me a package of hugs.

 I love my blogging friends and Sheila your thoughtfulness and kindness really touches my heart!

I love Sheila's arrangements so much, and as beautiful as they are in pictures, pictures do them no

justice, they are absolutely stunning in life. Thank you Sheila you are truly a special prim friend!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

My husband and I went to our old farmhouse that we are remodling in WV for the weekend. He did several

hours of yard work and I cleaned inside for hours. Then Sat. we rode in the country on back roads and saw

so many beautiful sites. We saw some deer, wild turkey, squirrels and to top the list we saw a mammy bear

and her two cubs. But wild life is very jumpy, so everytime I got my camera to take pictures off they went.

I did get the deer and wild turkey, but they were so far away, it is hard to make out what they are in the

the pictures. We also saw a mother deer nursing her two little fawns, it was so cute and I have never

saw bears out in the wild. What an awesome site to see, and I was safe being in my vehicle. he he

I also managed to finish an entire penny rug. The pattern is a KM primitive pattern. I will share a few


My new penny rug.

Out buildings.

So Peaceful

Old church bench

The Olde Farmhouse

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Riley's Birthday Party
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Daughter Steph, Mat, Riley and Cole
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Celebrating parents 50th. Wedding anniversary
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Son with Applachian trail blanket
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