Christmas gatherings

Christmas gatherings

I have recipes in these six Gooseberry Patch cookbooks

I have recipes in these six Gooseberry Patch cookbooks
I have recipes in these six "Gooseberry Patch" cookbooks

My Hoosier Cabinet

My Hoosier Cabinet
I love decorating my hoosier for the different seasons.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Bowl and new Creations!

I was so thrilled my hubby went to an auction and got me a mixing bowl. He knows I love old mixing bowls.

OK girls I need some help here, I have to think he got a real bargain. He paid $8.00 for this bowl. It says

Roseville, USA on the bottom. I know it is old, because of the old bubbled look on the inside of the bowl.

but maybe not?????????????

I looked on ebay but couldn's find any like it. but no matter what it is worth I love it, because he bought it

for me.

It has pink and blue bands.

I am so excited, I made another penny rug and my very first, I mean very first pumpkin dolls ever!

I was wanting to buy some pumpkin dolls, but seems like something unexpected always comes

up to take my money, don't we all know that feeling.

So I just thought, now if I can make bonnets, why can't I make myself some dolls.

So I did, I really did make two pumpkin dolls. The trouble with the other dolls that I made,

by the time I was finished I didn't like them and just gave them away. But I think I might keep these. He He

Sweet Cyndy Crafty Stitchers gave me a penny rug like this and I used that pattern.
I can see where making penny rugs can be addicting.

Olde Jack, A simply time primitive pattern,
that I did  a little different.

My pumpkin girl, I used two patterns for her, sweetmeadows farm and Jackie Schmit, I drew boots instead of feet for the pattern and didn't make the fingers on her hand. I just modified it to my liking.

I am so excited, I never thought I would be able to make a round headed doll, but I did. See I have trouble reading patterns, I am more visual.
And even though I like the more grungy fabric, I had this candy corn fabric and thought it would look so cute
for fall.

But I found out doll making is lots of work, the cutting , stuffing body parts, painting, sanding, and grunging,
but I did it all!!!
Thank you all my prim blogging friends for your encouragement along the way in my crafting, if
it wasn't for your support and encouragement I would have never tried crafting.
But the most precious gift of all is your friendship, hugs to you all.


  1. You have been busy :) I love your penny cute and that pumpkin girl is so adorable! Great job! I am seeing all the pumpkin girls out there right now and they are calling my name hehe

  2. Good job on the penny rug. I have yet to attempt one. I also have seen pumpkin dolls for the season. I want to try one too but aren't sure about the round head part. Yours turned out so cute. I also change up the pattern or make my own. I vary seldom use a pattern exactly like the instructions either. Wish me luck.
    Country at heart

  3. Oh my goodness, Lecia, both of your dolls turned out so CUTE!! I love the little candy corn dress and her shoes made me smile out loud with those rusty pins and jingle bells! I can't believe these are some of your first dolls - you are really talented! I haven't done much doll work but I'm working up to it... :) You really do motivate me!
    Your penny rug turned out great, too :) There is something so extra satisfying about hand work I think.
    Have a wonderful day. :)

  4. Well Lecia, you are doing quite well! I love the penny rug and the dolls too! See, I think like you, if I can make dolls and other things, why can't I not make a bonnet? LOL! See~ I am visual too! LOL! Truth is, I haven't sat down and tried to figure it out!
    Thank you for always visiting me, and I enjoy your friendship!

  5. My mother is an antique dealer and has the same bowls. I will let you know the name and how much it's worth. Is it the large, med or small bowl. She's already gone to church but i will let you know in a bit. Janice

  6. Lecia I love your creations. Are you saying you hadn't crafted before...even before you made bonnets?? Hmmm...maybe I CAN learn to sew, lol! I've been thinking of taking a sewing class. Katie

  7. Lecia, love the bowl~ not sure of it's value but it is beautiful! You are really doing a great job on your crafts~ with practice over time the dolls do get easier. Keep up the great sewing!

  8. Omg lecia! That pumpkin girl has got to be the sweetest thing you ever made! I just adore her.Great job sweetie!~Amy

  9. Lecia,

    Oh my! We will be adding making penny rugs and dolls to your crafting resume` now! Love the penny rug. Now gotta ask you if you used 100% wool for the penny or wool felt? I've been having a hard time finding 100% wool in fall colors like orange. I am wanting to try my hand at a penny rug for the fall too.

    The pumpkin boy and girl are too cute. Doll making is not my forte` either but you did an awesome job on both of them. I also don't like to read and follow to just look at it and wing it! LOL!

    Have a great Sunday!


  10. Lecia, I love your pumpkin dolls so cute! :) You did a wonderful job on them. I think your mixing bowl is a real antique. I have one with pink and aqua bands around it..

  11. I love the pumpkin dolls...I tried posting earlier but it didn't hopefully this one will!! So are you saying you were NOT previously a crafter??? Lol...I'm just wondering, cuz I've been so debating taking a sewing class. I'd love to create things...Hmm...maybe I need to sign up!!

  12. sweet of your hubby to buy you that bowl!! And WOO HOO on your pumpkin dolls!! Both are as sweet as can be!! LOVE them! Oh oh....Now I'm thinking Lecia's pumpkin dolls are going to be appearing and multiplying all over Blogland....just like her legendary bonnets!! Better stock up on the stuffing my friend!! ;o) Very, very, cute! Love the gal's boots! They make me smile from the inside out! Happy Sunday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Hi Lecia ...
    The bowl looks like too me maybe in the early
    1940's Did you engine just using the Trade
    name on the bottom of the bowl..
    Love all your creative projects... Great Job
    I thought I heard your sewing machine buzzzzz
    away..._:) thanks for all your sweet comments
    on my blog you are a treasured friends ...

  14. great job on the penny and the will be making more in no time..have a wonderful sunday.;)

  15. Wow Lecia!! You did a great job on your goodies!! The penny rug is perfect & the dollies are super cute!! Told ya you would get the "bug". You can do anything you put your mind to.

    Enjoy your Sunday~Becky

  16. Love all your new goodies sweetie!Have a wonderful week!Big hugs michelle

  17. Love your bowl Lecia! How sweet of your husband to go the auction to get it for you! Bowls like that up here in Canada are at least $30 so I think you got a great deal! I wish my hubby would go to an auction, but he only goes to ones that have "man things", lol. Your pumpkin dolls are adorable and so is your penny rug! I wish I had the talent to sew and create like you do :) You did great! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!
    Many hugs, Trish

  18. Lecia, you did fabulous especially for a first attempt ! they are beautiful and you are gettin the hang of the pennies for sure maybe your new calling? o no we cant not have bonnets! lol Hope you had a great weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie

  19. I would have snapped that bowl up in a heartbeat! I collect Roseville pottery. No cracks or chips? Air bubbles and crazing are acceptable. On eBay, bowls like this go for 12 to 30-35. Depends on if somebody needs it to complete a set. These usually come in sets of 3.
    I am loving your penny rug. It is so cute.
    And your dolls are awesome! I'm glad you are branching out! Feels good, doesn't it?
    Have a great week!

  20. I knew you could do it!! woohoo!!...the pumpkin dolls are precious!! love the penny rug too!!! the bowl is what you like and don't worry about it's value...its priceless to you since your DH bought it for you!!

  21. Hi Lecia,
    Love your bowl!! My friend collects bowls like that...and she has paid between $15.00 to $18.00 for them at our local antique/thrift shops. So, I think your hubby got a great deal.
    Love your pumpkin dolls!! Very cute and prim!!

  22. WOOoHOOooo Lecia, your pumpkin dolls came out awesome!! I'm so glad you finally tryed your hand at doll creating. Watch out because doll creating can be addicting as Love your penny rug, it really came out great.Ahhh such a sweet Hubby to think of his honey and bring you home such a great surprise...What a great new bowl!! Hope you enjoy your week!
    Hugs Mary

  23. Good job on those dolls. They turned out great for your first ever. I love the bells on her toes. -Steph-

  24. Love all those sweet dolls. LOVE!!
    And your bown is worth millions because your hubbie bought it for you. Beautiful.
    Hugs friend!


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